Balance. Believe. Bravery.

If your reading this blog posts your half way there, if your reading this post it must be because you’re interested in starting your own business – or maybe you just want to see what I have wrote in the post? But there is something in your brain that is telling you to go for it. If your reading this post your being brave your believing in yourself that you can start your own business. And yes, you can. I said, ‘I can’ when I was 17 years old, it was scary, daunting and extremely hard at times, and there was a fair few tears along the way. But I never stopped believing in myself or working towards my dream, now 3 nearly 4 years later I’ve build my dream life. Dream job and most importantly I couldn’t be happier.

There is still challenges along the way, but that is business, success isn’t a straight line it’s a roller coaster, but long term we are thankful for these bumpy roads as they help up grow, learn and develop.

I wanted to write a blog post on starting your own business as when I started my own business I used the internet to research, marketing, sales, retail, customer services and being your own boss. There’s not something I didn’t type in a search engine I even had to learn how to do my own accounts and how shipping worked online.

So, after my years of research and learning with my own business I thought why not share a little bit about what I know. I’m not an expert, nobody is an expert as your always learning. I don’t have some magic plan that makes everything easy. But I am positive, I’m always positive – 90% of success is waking up everyday with a little hope and motivation in your heart.

Here are my top things to think about when starting your own business – There not tips as not everything works for everyone and every business model if different and let face it everyone is different as a person.

  1. Think about your goal. What do you want to achieve? Get a note pad and a pen and write down what you want to achieve, it could be as simple as ‘coming up with a name for your business’ or thinking about your long-term goal ‘Building a business and living the dream’
  2. BELIEVE – Believe in yourself. Believe in your goal. Believe in your business. I always talk about self-confidence and how you need to believe yourself. If you don’t than how is anyone meant to believe in you, your business, your product and your goal. I must admit it is hard, it’s hard to believe in yourself, when I first started my business on ‘Little Alf’ my miniature Shetland pony, I had a handful of people who supported me and then the rest of the world who thought it was a bit of a joke, a hobby, something I was doing for fun. This drove me forward to achieve and prove them wrong. To believe in yourself you must get rid of your fears and believe you can. I find it motivational to read quotes and stories of successful entrepreneurs who have showed the world their ability and reached their goals.
  3. Do not work yourself to the bone. Do not sit and wonder why something isn’t working and DO NOT what so ever work silly hours in to the night. I learnt this to along my business journey, I use to work all hours as I thought this would grow my business faster and better when I was getting no sleep, tired all the time and not giving my business 110%. It’s vital to have a healthy mind to be happy, sometimes working 3-4 hours a day can be more beneficial than working 8-10-hour days.

There it is my things to think about when starting a business, no magic formula to becoming the next best business influencers just a few things you must consider when starting your business.

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