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Motivational & Inspirational Talks

Hannah Russell is a well known motivational and inspirational speaker across the UK, travelling from schools to universities and big groups of adults to give talks on her business experience and life story.

Hannah Russell first became known to the business industry when she was just 17 years old, after her first book was published about Little Alf her miniature Shetland pony. Hannah was never participially very good at English at school or very academic and left college at 17 after discovering she had an injury in her back. After leaving college she wasn’t sure what to do but always had a passion for business and writing stories. When Little Alf came along she knew he was the perfect character for a children’s book series. Hannah began writing a blog about Little Alf which grew very popular, she now has 5 books published about his adventures and a children’s clothing & gift range. Hannah also owns a ‘Little Alf shop’ in Leyburn Market Town. Hannah has won over 4 different awards for her books and was presented with an award from princess Anne in April 2017 for ‘special recognition.

Besides writing her books Hannah is also the director of ‘Hannah Russell Events’ a large events management company set in the Yorkshire Dales. Hannah has over 2 years experience in the events industry and works with different companies to plan and create a well established event, which include The Dales Food & Drink Festival, Leyburn 1940’s weekend, Fashion shows and many other events across Yorkshire.

On the speaking circuit Hannah is known for working with Schools, university students and adults to create a inspiring and motivational talk. Hannah has worked with many organisations across the UK including ‘Oxford school of Royal and North Yorkshire Country council’

Hannah can cater talks for your audience and usually tells her life and business story and how she got to where she is today.

To book Hannah for a talk and see availability please get in touch via the contact form