A few weeks ago I was asked to describe my life in 3 words on the radio and I didn’t hesitate to answer, Books was the obvious first words because not only am I an author I am also an avid reader, I read all the time it’s a little bit crazy as I don’t have much time to read but any time I have chance I will grab a book and read usually on a night when I am tucked up in bed.. or on a Sunday afternoon when the fire’s on…

The next words was business mainly because of my own business and been described as an ‘entrepreneur’ in the press over the past few years I thought it was quite a relevant word to use, don’t get me wrong I don’t dress up in suits and have a brief case but I’ve carved my way in to the business world over the past few years and I don’t necessarily fit the mould but it’s good to stand out from the crowd. I’ve gone from a college drop out to a fully fledged businesswoman or whatever you want to call me…

The last word was an obvious one – Bobble hats if you know me I am always in a beanie or a bobble hat, I just loved them and literally can’t wait until it gets cold so I can raid my collection of bobble hats which consists of 30+ hats it’s a little excessive but like some of my friends loves shoes I love beanies and I have a favourite – if you follow Alfie on his blogs you will always see me me in my aqua bobble hat which has 2 ears on the top I adore it and have owned it for nearly 2 years I will be heart broken the day it’s finally time to say goodbye to it!

So there is me in 3 words, I love my life and really wouldn’t have it any other way, if your running a business or own a buisness you don’t necessary have to be a kind of person you can be just you – I mean I don’t rock up to meetings in my old fleece and bobble hat I do make a bit of effort… (even if I don’t want to!)

Here is some of my top tips when starting a business…

1. Have a plan and make some notes – When I first started I didn’t have a plan I was just going with the flow and maybe it was for the best, it probably would of helped if I had a little bit of knowledge behind me but I didn’t so I just did what I knew and went for it. I think looking back now and knowing what I know it would of been great to make some notes and goals what I wanted to achieve. Nowadays I plan for the year ahead and write down my goals on a board and work towards them so at them moment my board says the next title of my children’s book as I aimed to have the manuscript finished before April 2018 along with all my current projects I am working on….

2. Don’t have a meltdown when things go wrong! – yes this is the weirdest advice ever right? but I have had plenty of meltdown moments where I’ve ordered books a lot of books.. and the printing has been all wrong and I’ve hardly been able to afford to get them re- printed but these things happen there not bad days there not happening because you’ve just started your business there just happening because you’ve made some simple mistakes but you always learn from them and they turn in to learning curves! For example I know know all about paper types, printing, paper bound books and all the rest it really is interesting!

3. BE YOURSELF – You are you, you are different from everyone else your idea is amazing and not everyone will think that or believe that but you do and others will follow. You have to be your own before and go for it and you don’t have to be super confident I wasn’t at 16 years old writing my first book I would of much rather of hidden behind my desk but over the months and years I’ve learn a lot and grown a lot with my company – It’s just one small step at a time..

Starting a business is hard and takes a lot of motivation, dedication and coffee but it’s beneficial and worth while and the best feeling in the world. Now that I am sat in my own shop reading through Little Alf’s memoir which is not only a best seller on amazon but also available in ASDA, Waterstones and WHS I can finally sit back and think it’s pretty amazing.

Read the mine & Alfie’s full story in his latest book on how he came to live with me and how we have built a business together – Little Alf – the true story of a pint sized pony who found his forever home – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Alf-story-pint-sized-forever/dp/0751568910