As one door closes another one opens….

Hello everyone & Happy New Year!

How is it 2018 already?  It only seems like yesterday I was decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up my work clothes for one year…

So you might have noticed that my website has had a little makeover or maybe this if your first time on my Hannah-Russell website so ‘Welcome’ to all of you.

I always seem to be changing my websites and re vamping them which I don’t think is necessary a bad asset – after all it’s great to keep things fresh and you have to move as time changes and your business grows and also as your grow with your business.

Last year you might have found be either writing, with Little Alf, or running my events management company ‘Hannah Russell events.’

In 2017 I didn’t seem to have much time for my own website or to run my blog like I’ve always wanted to do. So as December 2017 hit I knew it was time to make some changes for 2018. Time to set some goals big enough to make me want to jump out of bed in a morning with real motivation to achieve them.

So I did. This year I have moved away from events management to pursuit my career as a full time writer and focus on new books, blogs and other projects I want to work on which I will be revealing a little later in the year.

I get asked a lot of questions about business and being a published author at 17 so this website is going to be my platform to share all of that with you! It’s going to be a little bit business orientated with a slight twist… I don’t necessary want to build a blog all about business as that wouldn’t be me, I want to share my life with you which includes my 13 pets, living in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, charity work and anything else I think off in the coming months.

I think my website is going to be a little bit like a blog post I once wrote ‘Books, Business and bobble hats’ it’s 3 words which sum me up quite well…