Hannah Russell

Author of the 'Little Alf Books'

Hannah Russell was born in North Yorkshire on the 18th January 1997, where she spent most of her childhood surrounded by animals, riding horses and playing a variety of sports.

After starting school it soon became apparent that she had a creative flare, with a love for books and reading, although not particularly very good at English!

After finishing high school Hannah started her A – levels studying B-Tech sport with the ambition to become a horse riding instructor/ outdoor instructor, but after finding out she had a rare irregularity in her back and realising A Levels weren’t for her she left college after 9 months and started a path as a writer as well as part time modelling with an agency in London.

After Hannah came across a miniature Shetland pony one day with dwarfism in need of a home she just couldn’t say no and took him on to join her pack of 3 horses. She named her new bundle ‘Little Alf’ and it wasn’t long before she started a blog about him online. Just a few short months later Little Alf had turned in to an internet sensation with his YouTube Videos getting thousands of hits, and photo’s been shared across the world.

In October 2014 at just 17 years old Hannah’s first book was published and launched ‘The Magical adventure of Little Alf – The discovery of the wild pony.’ Hannah now had 4 books published to the Little Alf adventure books and a Little Alf magazine. Alongside this Hannah and Little Alf have their own equestrian clothing brand which can be found on Little Alf’s website and in stores across the UK.

Hannah’s entrepreneurship didn’t stop there after discovering a buzz for business she diverted her skills in to Event Management and completed her qualifications in 2015, Hannah now has an events management company set in the Yorkshire dales which she runs with a team of people to create events around the UK.

Alongside this Hannah Runs a business called ‘Dales Creations’ which is set in the Yorkshire dales and creates an online place for people to network there business in the Yorkshire dales and also sell there handmade and hand crafted products. In 2017 Hannah is set to release an online magazine for dales creations which will show off the talent the Yorkshire dales has to offer, which will also include Little Alf having his own column!

The latest business for Hannah to be involved in is ‘Believe it Yorkshire’ a business created with the aim to motivate, inspire and educate entrepreneurs and people wanting to start their own business. The company runs workshops, conference events and speaker days with entrepreneurs from around the globe, the company will be officially launched in 2017 where Hannah will be telling her story and hosting workshops on behalf of Believe it Yorkshire.

Hannah now spends her time jumping between business, book signing with Little Alf, running events and visiting schools to give talks on careers and entrepreneurship. If she’s not working you will find her out riding her gypsy cob Paddy or caring for one of her 12th pets at her home in North Yorkshire.